Keith’s Team Playbook

In football, a playbook is a notebook that contains descriptions of all the plays and strategiesused by a team. Players study and memorize the playbook before the season begins.

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How do You Make One?

If you want your playbook to be adopted by your whole team, you can't just come up with it on your own and tell others to get on board. As Krach says, "People support what they help to create." Here's how Krach created his Ariba Playbook. You can adjust your approach depending on the size of your team. At Ariba, Krach pulled his founding team together and created an initial draft playbook, but it was really a strawman. Then the draft is presented to the broader decision-making team or to the team that has to implement the model, and they ask, “Do you want to accept the model as is, modify it, or reject it and start over?” Usually some modification has to be done, but not acomplete overhaul.

People support what they help create.

Keith Krach
How do You Make One?

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